Samurai of Life

Although Aikido is based on elite samurai arts, many of these skills became outmoded on the battlefield with the coming of the gun, artillery and modern society to Japan.

However, Aikido is still an EXCELLENT way to learn how to properly focus the mind and use the body for self defence in today’s society.

It teaches how to be a responsible world-citizen capable of restoring harmony to conflict situations.

Our students apply what they learn at school, work and at home.

For most of us, our worst enemy is ourselves. Can we protect ourselves from laziness, depression, timidity, our own aggressiveness, fear and disease?Can we conquer self-imposed limitations and bravely face whatever Life throws at us?

Our world needs such enlightened warriors; our very survival depends on us working TOGETHER with RESPECT!

About the author

Michael Geisner

Ki Aikido can become a rock solid centre that fear, confusion and conflict cannot disturb. It is that in my life and has seen me through some tough times. The way to peace requires constant practice but it pays huge dividends.

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