Extra! Cricket Legend Don Bradman Learnt Ki

Tohei Sensei was behind the successes of many sporting legends, including Sadaharu Oh and Shigeo Nakajima, two of Japan’s baseball immortals. He taught them how to unify mind and body in their particular games. After learning from Tohei, Sadaharu Oh hit more home runs than Babe Ruth!

One of my students, Tushan, is into cricket and he came across this excellent article written by a cricket legend about what lies behind the batting success of two masters of his sport.

Tushan writes.

“Apart from Martin Crowe having been possibly the best batsman New Zealand has produced to date he has also developed the ability to write astutely on the subject.

I thought this article as drawn from the world of cricket is a good example of the need to focus on the present and the stability it brings forth … it is very hard to do for most of us.”


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Ki Aikido can become a rock solid centre that fear, confusion and conflict cannot disturb. It is that in my life and has seen me through some tough times. The way to peace requires constant practice but it pays huge dividends.

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