Kashiwaya Sensei in Brazil

I love this video of the amazing and inspiring Kashiwaya Sensei, whom I first met in June 2012 at his seminar in Cairns, Australia.

I recommend all aikido students and teachers to seek out these masters and feel their presence and soak up their wisdom.

Not all of them are Japanese these days of course, but the closer you get to the source of Aikido – people trained by Osensei or his great students, the more special the experience, although they all have their own personalities and flavours!

Kashiwaya is an 8th dan master, who was one of Tohei Sensei’s uchi deshi or ‘inner disciples’. Of course, we respect all the masters and their great efforts, but Kashiwaya Sensei has been appointed to look after the training of us here in Australia, so we have the most face to face contact with him.

Having lived and taught in Seattle Washington since the 70s, he speaks fluent English and is extremely friendly and loves to chat over dinner after the seminars.

What a treat! I like to ask him many questions about the ‘behind the scenes’ side of Aikido – I’m intrigued to know the history and different personalities and ideas that led to the formation of Aikido and especially Ki Aikido.

He is very willing to share, although some information is, of course, not to be shared publicly.


Let me know if you find any other instances of Ki Aikido in the media. We need to spread the good word – you know, many people don’t even know there is such a thing as a martial art of harmony and unity of mind & body. There are many people who suffer from sickness in mind, heart & body and this could be just the thing for them.

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Michael Geisner

Ki Aikido can become a rock solid centre that fear, confusion and conflict cannot disturb. It is that in my life and has seen me through some tough times. The way to peace requires constant practice but it pays huge dividends.

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