Daily Life & Health

Five Principles for a Plus Life

  1. Always think with a positive mind.
  2. Always speak with a positive mind.
  3. Always act with a positive mind.
  4. Always treat others with a positive mind.
  5. Always make a positive contribution to society.

Five Principles for Raising Children

  1. Be resourceful in letting them play and enjoy what they learn.
  2. Never allow them to injure themselves or make serious mistakes.
  3. Always relate each exercise to their growth and use positive words.
  4. Make it perfectly clear what behaviour is good and what is bad.
  5. When they misbehave, scold them firmly but with a positive attitude.

Five Principles for Couples*

  1. Find your partner’s strengths and praise them.
  2. Adopt your partner’s position and think.
  3. Listen well to what each other is saying.
  4. Have physical contact through Kiatsu.
  5. Become a Plus person.

*Editor’s note: Think of how applicable these principles are with other family members, close friends etc.

Characteristics of a Plus Person*

  • Develop a Universal Mind.
  • Love and protect all you meet.
  • Show gratitude for all you have.
  • Do good in secret without expecting reward.
  • Have soft eyes and a composed manner.
  • Be large-hearted and forgiving.
  • Think deeply and see clearly.
  • Maintain a spirit of unshakeable composure.
  • Be vigorous and full of energy.
  • Persevere as long as you live.

*These are characteristics of a person who has attained a level of mastery in Mind & Body Unification. They are not so much things to practise, but qualities that will naturally develop.

Five Principles for Sleeping Deeply

  1. Always unify mind and body before going to sleep.
  2. Believe that the mind controls the body.
  3. Calm and collect your thoughts before you going to sleep
  4. Maintain a cool head and warm feet.
  5. Use your mind to direct blood to your feet.

The Five Principles for Kiatsu Healing

  1. Extend Ki from the One Point in the lower abdomen.
  2. Do not let tension accumulate in your body.
  3. Press perpendicularly toward the center of the muscle without forcing.
  4. Focus Ki continuously and precisely at the fingertips.
  5. Concentrate on the lines, rather than the points.


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