Mind & Body Unification

The Four Great Principles of Mind & Body Unification

  1. Calm and focus the mind at the One Point in the lower abdomen.
  2. Completely release all unnecessary stress from the body.
  3. Let the weight of every part of the body settle at its lowest point.
  4. Extend Ki.

The Five Principles for Keeping One Point

  1. Center on the point in the lower abdomen where you cannot put tension.
  2. Let your body weight fall on your One Point, not your legs or feet.
  3. Your breathing is calm and subtle.
  4. You can accept whatever happens without losing your composure.
  5. Therefore you can do your best at any time.

The Five Principles for Relaxing Completely:

  1. Each part of your body settles in its most natural position.
  2. You relax positively, without collapsing or losing power.
  3. Your sense of presence makes you look bigger than you actually are.
  4. You are strong enough to be relaxed.
  5. Therefore you have an attitude of non-dissension.

The Five Principles for Keeping Weight Underside

  1. You maintain the most comfortable posture.
  2. Your body feels light and does not sag.
  3. Your Ki is fully extended.
  4. You are flexible and can adapt to changing circumstances.
  5. Therefore you perceive everything clearly.

The Five Principles for Extending Ki

  1. You are not overly conscious of your body.
  2. You make full use of centrifugal force in your movements.
  3. You have soft eyes and a poised manner.
  4. You show composure in your posture.
  5. Therefore you are bright and easygoing.

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